Saturday, December 3, 2016

Back To Painting

This one's for Rhonda since she lives vicariously through this blog... I know this entry isn't long enough to occupy your entire lunch break, but I'm all talked out this week due to other factors... ;-)

Lot's of what's happening now are little tasks to really finish projects that were started earlier or re-do things that have since gone backwards.

An example of the latter is today's project.

Avid readers will recall the attempt to get the old fridge up to the attic and what ended up happening as a result.

The original attempt to get the fridge up the attic stairs caused some damage to the walls and chipped paint on the moldings.

As I've been mudding other things over the summer and fall, I've hit the necessary areas on the attic stairs as well.

A week or so ago, I did the final sanding and was happy with the results.

Today, in between other things, I painted the walls. Two coats are on and it's nearly dry already.

I still have to touch up the woodwork, though that will wait until I have all the woodwork prepared in the back hall on the second floor.  I'll use oil-based paint and there's no sense in having to clean the brush multiple times.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Assistant

Even now, there are a lot of projects where I need an assistant.

I have one, but there are times when she's not that helpful regarding getting things done.

She has other strengths, though.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coming Out Of The Closet

The door to the back hall closet has long ago disappeared.

Being in the "servant area" of the house it didn't really bother me that much.

But it bothered SWMBO.

Naturally, "we" needed to come up with a solution.

We'd talked off-and-on about possibilities over time.

And. lo and behold, this curtain appeared in a recent snail-mail advert.

Yes, amazing as it is, we still get snail-mail adverts.

SWMBO ordered it online and it arrived a couple of days ago.

On one of my daily trips to the Big Orange Box, I purchased the necessary drapery rod and mounting hardware. And I installed it in about 15 minutes last night.

It coordinates nicely with the runner and blinds already in the back hall.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Kitchen Details

There are some interesting details and features in the cabinets as well.

First are the spice racks that pullout from either side of the range hood. Normally they appear to be columns that support the range hood cabinetry, but the pull out to reveal small shelves that are perfect for herbs and spices.

Also either side of the range, and below the counter-tops, are pullouts for oils and other taller items.

Additionally we have a pullout for trays and other baking pans.

And more adjustable dividers for larger items that are used less frequently.

There is also a silverware drawer with double-decker, pullout, divided trays.

And finally, since I'm weird and abhor lazy susans, an interesting set of pullouts for the corner.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just In Time

The kitchen was completed just in the nick of time.

The last of the tape and builder paper protecting the floor was removed Friday. I installed the window hardware Saturday morning, so I could spend the afternoon cooking...

The reason we needed to get the kitchen done was a sudden date change in a charity event we agreed to co-host.  It was an "experience" auction item for the Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania.

Saturday night we, and our next-door neighbor, gave tours of our homes and served a meal to the group of 8 people that purchased the experience.

The salad and appetizer course (Andrew Zimmern's Bacon and Onion Tart - best served warm, yum!) were at our house. The main course, dessert, and cheese were at the neighbor's.

The new oven was fabulous in its debut!

Kitchen Details

There are a few little details that make the space interesting.

One of which is the Arabesque-patterned tile behind the range. The contrasting grout really accentuates the pattern.

The main body of the tile is dark green with a mottled, verdigris tone to it. This, plus the subtle green tone that appears here-and-there in the stone counter-top, is why we picked "Mountain Moss" green for the walls.

There's also a bit of terra cotta or red undertone that is visible on the beveled edges. It coordinates nicely with the red and brown flecks that are in the stone counter-top.

We also paid homage to the historical tradition of subway tile for a back-splash, but picked a tile with a few twists.

These have an unusual aspect ratio; they are considerably wider than is traditional for the same height.

Also, they have a crackle finish, are cream rather than white, and vary a bit in thickness which provides extra depth and visual interest (the irregular shadow lines in particular).

The ell-shaped counter-top required two pieces of stone.  The fabricators used adjacent slabs from the quarry so they could "book-match" the joint. That is, the two sides of the joint are mirror images of one another.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kitchen - Week Done (22)

We're declaring victory.

There are a few little niggly things to get touched up or re-worked a bit, but for all practical purposes it's done.

These photos will take you on a visual tour around the room.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Disposal

This weekend while my mom was washing dishes, I was checking for plumbing leaks.

And found one.

The disposal.

Not at the waste outlet, which is the usual spot, but the body itself was leaking.

Who knows, it may have been during the removal or installation process. When the plumber went to re-install it, some of the parts were missing.

[flashback to earlier in the remodel process]

The plumber seemed disappointed when he asked if we were going to install a new disposal and we replied that we'd be re-using the old one. It was a new-ish one that I installed a few years ago when the one that came with the house stopped working.

[flash forward - well, the plumber got his wish, though I did the work...]

So Saturday night I ran to the Big Orange Box and got a new one.

And installed it in about 15 minutes.

No leaks.

It's the third one I've installed in this house, plus the one in the carriage house, plus the ones at my in-laws', plus...

Practice makes perfect...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kitchen - Week 21

The kitchen is not done, but at least it's getting close enough that we can start to re-occupy it.

It's a good thing, because we're hosting a charity event Saturday and we need the kitchen stuff out of the rest of the house...

The stools for the island arrived Friday. We've not yet brought them into the room while we let the poly cure on the floor.  When we ordered them, SWMBO wondered if we'd waited too long. I thought not and said we could always eat in the dining room if push came to shove. I half joked that they'd probably ship before the kitchen was done. I was right...

Our parents helped clean and helped everything find its new home over the weekend. Though you can't tell by this photo (taken mid-way through the weekend), most everything is put away now.

And the dog helped too...

The range is working well enough that we were able to make our first meal in the new kitchen; Sunday breakfast.

I also spent some time getting the back hall closet cleaned up. The walls and ceiling needed to have holes patched and some skim-coating. The ceiling is now painted, along with the woodwork that was missed by the painters.  All that's left is to sand the last of the mud and paint the walls. Then everything can go back in, assuming we can find the closet rod and associated hardware that seems to have gone missing...

There's still more to be done, but we're getting close enough that the punch list might fit on a single page...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Study Bell


Tonight I fixed this.

The wire had always hung loose in the back hall closet. Last night I re-ran it inside the wall to clean things up a bit. Tonight I connected each of the ends.

When I tested it the help failed to bring my glass of port and a cigar.